How to change AirPods Pro Tips 2023

How to change AirPods Pro Tips. Earbuds with a rubber tip have been available for a number of years.

However, in the vast majority of instances, they are only available in a single size, and if that size does not work with your ears, then you are out of luck.

Apple has come up with a solution in the form of the AirPods Pro. Every single pair of AirPods Pro comes with three various sets of rubber ear tips, and each of these sets is a different size.

This means that you can modify them so that they are a better fit for the unique shape of your ears. You may even take a free test to determine which size would be the most appropriate for you.

When you wish to change the tips, however, it is not fully clear how to take them from the pens. Thankfully, it’s not nearly as challenging as it may first appear.

Here is how to change the ear tips on your AirPods so that you may clean them or replace them.

How to change AirPods Pro Tips 2023

How to change your AirPod Pro ear tips

1. To remove your AirPods Pro’s ear tips, pinch your fingers on either side of the rubber insert firmly.

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2. As you pinch, pull the tip straight away from the AirPod until it clicks off. This will take some force, but don’t worry, it won’t break them. If you’re concerned about ripping the rubber, invert the tip (as shown below) before you begin.

When you want to remove the tips from your AirPods Pro, pinch either side of the rubber insert and pull straight out until the tip pops off.

3. Choose a new pair of ear tips from the box — Small, Medium, or Large.

When you initially open the packaging for your AirPod Pro earbuds, the tips that are already attached to them are of the Medium size.

If you discover that they are constantly falling out of your ears, you should try a size smaller; nevertheless, if you find that they are causing pain or irritation in your ears, you should try a size larger.
You should be able to distinguish which tips are the Large and which are the Small by doing a simple comparison of them side by side.

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However, in the event that you get the two sizes confused, the corresponding letter is printed on the inside of each tip, close to the base.

Quick hint: If you’re having trouble keeping your AirPod Pro earbuds in your ears, you can try the tried-and-true method used by runners and invert them to improve the fit.

4. To attach the new pair of tips, line up the oval on the edge of the tip with the oval on the AirPod’s speaker and gently press the tip in until it clicks into place.

How to use the AirPod Ear Tip Fit Test to find the best ear tips

It’s not always easy to figure out which ear tips are going to work the best for you.

You can try the Ear Tip Fit Test if the way the headphones feel on your ears isn’t enough to convince you to make a purchase.

Your iPhone must be running iOS 13.2 or a later version in order for the test to be completed.

1. Put your AirPod Pros in your ears and open the Settings app on your device.

2. Select the “Bluetooth” option, which should be located near the top of the Settings menu.

3. Find your AirPods Pro on the list of Bluetooth devices and tap the I info icon to the right.

4. On the AirPod Settings page, scroll down and tap “Ear Tip Fit Test.”

5. Tap Continue, then tap the Play button when you’re ready to begin the test. Your phone will play a few seconds of music through the AirPods in order to evaluate the integrity of the seal that a particular headset creates between itself and your ear.

If it concludes that the seal is tight and allows for effective noise cancellation, then it will state “Good Seal” in green alongside the image of the AirPods that is displayed on your screen.

If you do not make the necessary adjustments, the light will turn yellow and display the message “Try a Different Ear Tip.”

How to change AirPods Pro Tips 2023




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