Top 10 Most Paid Players in the PSL 2021

Most Paid Players in PSL 2021

Most Paid Players in PSL 2021. In this article, we are looking to highlight the players in the South African Premier Soccer League whose services attract the highest fees. We want to know a little about them on and off the field, as well as find what lessons we can learn from them. Without further time-wasting let us now discover the top 10 highest paid soccer players in the South African Premier Soccer League.

The South African Premier Soccer League (PSL) is one of the most developed football leagues in the whole of Africa. One of the major reasons why this is so is that the league manages to retain its best players. But in order to retain the most skillful players, you have to pay them well. That is why we have the highest-paid PSL players in South Africa being so full of skill. If you do not pay them well, other teams are eager to steal them away from you.

Top 10 Most Paid Players in PSL 2021 (South Africa)

When you know how much your favorite player earns, chances are that you will work hard to become a star just like he is. This applies to all those aspiring to be great soccer players in the future. Check out the following figures for the highest-paid players you know. Remember that what a player earns depends on several factors, including the club they play for. On average, though, most footballers earn between R100,00 to R120,000 per month.

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Top 10 Most Paid Players in PSL 2021

10. Peter Shalulile Salary- R400 000 per month

Highest Paid Soccer Players in South Africa 2021
Highest Paid Player in The PSL 2021 [ Itumeleng Khune is 2nd ]
Peter Shalulile is living comfortable off the sweat and tears of playing football. His salary at Mamelodi Sundowns is currently pegged at R400 000. As of 2021, Peter Shalulile  has a net worth of US$300 000.

He is currently reliant on his salary from Mamelodi Sundowns FC and paid guest appearances.

9. Thapelo Morena Salary: R400,000 per month

Mamelodi sundowns most expensive player Thapelo Morena shares the sames amount Gaston Sirino with  at R400,000.

8. Gaston Sirino Salary: R400,000 Per Month

Highest Paid Soccer Players in South Africa 2021Mamelodi sundowns player Gaston Sirino also earns 400 000 Per Month. One of the creative players at Mamelodi Sundowns earning an estimated R400,000.00 per month salary.

Making the list of Highest Paid Players In PSL 2021. And to prove his worth, Gaston had a transfer-price tag of R90 Million to move to Al Ahly in Egypt from Sundowns which they couldn’t offer.

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