NEDBANK Universal Branch Code 2024

NEDBANK Universal Branch Code
NEDBANK Universal Branch Code

NEDBANK Universal Branch Code 2024: Imagine if your business colleagues in another country sent you money for business purposes from overseas, and then a month later, you are still looking for the money since the bank has no knowledge which branch the money landed in.

In this scenario, you would still be seeking for the money.

There is, however, something known as a branch code, which is a one-of-a-kind identification code that is assigned to each individual bank branch. This code was developed so that a situation like the one described above could be avoided.

Every branch of a bank has its own unique code that may be used to identify it thanks to this branch code.

This concept is prevalent all over the world; it did not originate in South Africa, but it has clearly made life simpler within this country.

Please take note that these branch codes are referred to by a variety of different names in different parts of the world. If you have to send it to a business partner who is located in another nation, then you need to be familiar with what they name it in that country.

Both the easy movement of funds from one location to another and the accountability of those monies will be improved as a result of this.

Nedbank Universal Branch Code

The Nedbank universal code is: 198 765

The universal branch code for Nedbank will not only assist in making your financial transactions even more streamlined, but it will also assist you in making your online transactions more secure. When you input the required specific number, this makes it simple for you (and actually, for your bank) to gain access and complete a transaction quickly.

This specific symbol, which is exclusive to each branch of the bank, helps to guarantee that your financial dealings are conducted in a secure environment and are completed as quickly as possible.

Since Nedbank is a prominent bank in South Africa and has a strong retail presence, this indicates that the bank has a large number of branches and handles a significant number of foreign financial transactions. As a result of this, the Nedbank universal branch code is one of the banking symbols that is used the most commonly in South Africa.

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This demonstrates that the bank is accommodating to its customers’ needs and provides high-quality service at each of its branches and other locations. Let’s move on to the topic of branch codes, which are numbers that you may use for any transaction with the bank regardless of the sort of account you have or the particular outlet you visit.

What is the universal bank branch code for Nedbank?

Now that you understand what the universal code is, what it accomplishes, and why it is important, you must be wondering, “How can I get Nedbank branch code?” There is no need to go any further; the universal code for Nedbank is 198 765.

This valuable number will come in helpful in a variety of situations, but especially if you plan to conduct all of your banking activity online.

It stands to reason that a growing number of individuals will want this number as more and more business and financial dealings are conducted online. It is easy to foresee that this trend will continue.

various branch codes for Nedbank

As was just brought up, more and more business operations, including financial ones and trade in general, are moving to the internet, which is a really positive development. It is now much simpler for you to do business across long distances in a secure manner.

In fact, it is now feasible to conduct business immediately even when there are no face-to-face meetings involved. You are not required to have a working knowledge of the numerous special phone numbers that are used at the various bank branches and outlets.

If you wish to make or receive payments into your Nedbank Current or Savings accounts, you may now do it by using a single outlet number instead of calling several numbers. Make sure that the correct outlet code number 198765 is always plugged in.

Aside from being familiar with the Nedbank branch code for Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) and the singular unique number that, independent of the location of your outlet, enables you to finalize your transaction, there are no further requirements.

The many locations of the bank are represented below with their respective branch-specific codes. Customers will be able to conduct transactions with more precision thanks to these numbers, and they won’t have to worry about their money being held up at the bank or being sent to the wrong person.

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There are many branches of the bank, but the ones that are listed here are some of the more popular ones and are the ones that will probably be needed.

Nedbank Branch Codes

Port Elizabeth

Branch Code – 121317

Physical location of branch: 329 Cape Road Newton Park, Port Elizabeth 6045.

Southern Peninsula

Branch Code – 123209

Physical location of branch: 8th floor, 57 Heerengracht, Foreshore


Branch Code – 119210

Physical location of branch: Lower ground, Langenhoven Student Centre, De Beer Street, Stellenbosch.

 Sandown Symbol

Branch Code – 119210

Physical location of branch: – Shop LO5 CNR 135 Rivonia road &, Maude street, Sandown


Branch Code – 189905

Physical location of branch: Shop f244 Gateway Theatre of Shopping No1 Palm, Boulevard Umhlanga Ridge New Town Cente.

Irene Village Mall 

Branch Code – 148345

Physical location of branch: Irene Village Mall, Shop 95 Cnr Nellmapius &, Pierre Van Ryneveldt Roads, Irene.

 East London

Branch Code – 125421

Physical location of branch: 71 Oxford Street, East London


Branch Code – 114405

Physical location of branch: 228 Courthouse Road, Umzimkulu.


Branch Code – 198005

Physical location of branch: Shop 12 – 14, Southdale Shopping Centre, Alamein Road, Southdale.


Branch Code – 101004

Physical location of branch: Shop 2 Ground Floor, 77 Crown Street, Barberton.

Conclusion: NEDBANK Universal Branch Code 2024

It is much simpler to conduct business with Nedbank in a secure manner if you have the universal branch code for Nedbank and if you retain all of the unique outlet symbols within easy reach. You might want to save this post to your preferences for easy access so that you can pick the information you need when you need it and avoid having to make mistakes that aren’t required.

Instead of maintaining track of all of the different specific branch codes, you might make the decision to utilize the universal code to protect your online banking transactions instead of going through the hassle of keeping track of them all.

Branch codes are known by a variety of names depending on the country, and each nation has its own unique method for determining how to allocate bank codes to branches. There are countries in Europe that use numbers with as few as four digits and others that use as much as ten digits.

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The national system in Belgium uses account numbers that have 12 digits in total. The numerous financial institutions are not each allotted their own unique bank codes; rather, the first three digits of an account number are what is known as the protocol number, and they identify the financial institution that the account is held at.

When establishing IBAN account numbers, the bank code for certain nations that make use of International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN) is typically incorporated into the prefix. Typically, these are referred to as current accounts. When a retailer conducting business online asks for your “bank code,” they may in fact be referring to the “Card Security Code” that is written on the back of your credit card.

Which branch is Nedbank 198765?

Which branch is Nedbank 198765? NEDBANK SOUTH AFRICA

What do Nedbank account numbers start with?

What do Nedbank account numbers start with? What do Nedbank account numbers start with? 3 Your Nedbank profile number is a 10-digit number that starts with a 3.

How do I find my Nedbank App branch code?

How do I find my Nedbank App branch code? Now that you know what the universal code is about and why it is crucial, you must be asking how do I find Nedbank branch code? The Nedbank universal code is – 198 765. This user-friendly number will come in handy especially if you want to transact all your banking business online.

NEDBANK Universal Branch Code 2024 –


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