9 Most Beautiful Lighthouses to Visit in North Carolina 2024

The 9 Most Beautiful Lighthouses to Visit in North Carolina: There are so many stunning lighthouses in North Carolina that you could make a holiday out of “lighthouse hopping,” but you’ll also discover plenty of other things to do on your travels.

You should come to visit the historic sites, and then spend the rest of your time relaxing on the picture-perfect beaches, participating in a variety of water-based activities, or going animal gazing.

9 Most Beautiful Lighthouses to Visit in North Carolina 2024

1. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Buxton

Most Beautiful Lighthouses to Visit in North Carolina

The Outer Banks of North Carolina are a narrow strip of land that separates Pamlico Sound from the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Many of North Carolina’s lighthouses are located on the Outer Banks, including the famous Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, which is known for being the tallest brick lighthouse in the entire country and, at 210 feet tall, it’s also among the world’s tallest.

This enormous tower, which is lighted every seven seconds and overlooks one of the most foreboding locations in the history of marine transportation, is known as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic.” Roughly 1.25 million bricks were utilized in its construction.

More than 2,000 ships have been lost on the sandbars that can be found in the region that is known as the Diamond Shoals during the course of the previous 500 years.

The first lighthouse on this site was constructed in the late 1700s on property that had been acquired for the sum of $50. The current lighthouse, which was built in 1870, features a beacon that is visible from a distance of approximately 20 miles out to sea.

At one of the most breathtaking lighthouses in the world, you may visit the Hatteras Island Visitor Center and Museum of the Sea to learn more about its history as well as the history of the surrounding region.

You can also climb roughly 300 steps to the top of the lighthouse, where you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the area.

2. Bodie Island Light Station, Nags Head

Most Beautiful Lighthouses to Visit in North Carolina

The Bodie Island Light Station may be found in the Outer Banks close to Nags Head. It is distinguished by its distinctive black-and-white daymark and stands 165 feet above Bodie Island.

The original structure, which had been completed in 1847, burned down and had to be rebuilt twice over the course of the Civil War—in 1859 and 1872.

Visitors may now make their way to the summit using the winding staircase thanks to more recent and extensive renovations. After completing the ascent, you will be able to take advantage of the many additional attractions that are located in the surrounding region.

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One of them is a trip to Kitty Hawk, which is home to the Wright Brothers National Memorial. This memorial marks the location of the Wright brothers’ very first successful powered flight.

Jockey’s Ridge, the tallest sand dune on the East Coast, gives the opportunity for a wide variety of activities such as kite flying, hang gliding, and looking at the sunset, while the Atlantic Ocean offers the chance to participate in a wide variety of water sports.

3. Cape Lookout, Harkers Island

Most Beautiful Lighthouses to Visit in North Carolina

The Bodie Island Lighthouse is 163 feet tall and has a structure that is quite similar to that of the Cape Lookout Lighthouse, which was constructed in 1859.

It is easily identifiable thanks to the diamond-shaped daymark that it bears, as well as the constant flashing of its light, which can be seen up to 30 kilometers (19 miles) away.

Because there are no bridges leading to any of the barrier islands that make up Cape Lookout National Seashore, you will need to use either a private boat or a public ferry in order to get there. However, getting there is part of the journey.

If you take the boat, the first stop is at Shackleford Banks, where free-roaming horses can be seen along the coast.

The lighthouse was closed to the public for a good number of years; however, beginning in the middle of May and continuing until the middle of September of each year, tourists are now able to scale the 207 steps that lead to the top of the lighthouse.

If you’re not up to the challenge of climbing the lighthouse, there are four “View from the Top” exhibitions outside that you may visit instead.

These exhibits are placed near the lighthouse keepers’ quarters. After that, you will be able to participate in a variety of other outdoor activities, such as beachcombing, fishing, and birdwatching.

4. Old Baldy Lighthouse, Bald Head Island

Most Beautiful Lighthouses to Visit in North Carolina

Old Baldy is the oldest lighthouse in North Carolina that is still in operation, and it is located on Bald Head Island, which is a boat ride away from Southport.

Even though the light within it is still operational after almost two centuries, Old Baldy is no longer used as a navigational beacon and hence cannot direct mariners to the mouth of the Cape Fear River.

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Visitors have the opportunity to tour the Old Baldy Museum, which has the keeper’s cottage, an oil house, and the lighthouse. They may also climb the 108 stairs that lead to the peak of the mountain.

The island is home to 14 miles of uncrowded, pristine stretches of sand, making it the ideal place to forget about your worries, enjoy lounging in the sun, or participate in a wide variety of outdoor adventures and recreational activities such as golfing on a seaside course, paddling hidden creeks in a kayak, or surfing, paddle boarding, or sailing in the surrounding waters.

The island is also the perfect place to enjoy lounging in the sun.

5. Oak Island Lighthouse, Oak Island

Most Beautiful Lighthouses to Visit in North Carolina

The Oak Island Lighthouse is one of the newest lighthouses in the country, having only recently been lit for the first time in 1958. It displays a daymark in black, white, and gray, and its light may be observed from a distance of more than 16 nautical miles.

You’ll need to make reservations at least two weeks in advance if you want to go between September and May, and at least four weeks in advance if you want to go during the summer.

If you’re up to the challenge, you can climb the nearly vertical 131 stairs to the summit, but you’ll need to be in good physical shape.

The tours of the second floor are only offered during the summer months, and they are only accessible on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Reservations are not required for these tours.

6. Ocracoke Island Lighthouse, Ocracoke Island

Most Beautiful Lighthouses to Visit in North Carolina
Most Beautiful Lighthouses to Visit in North Carolina

The Ocracoke Island Lighthouse is not just one of the oldest lighthouses in the state of North Carolina but also the second oldest lighthouse in the country that is still in operation. It is located on the most remote island in the Outer Banks.

Although it is just 65 feet tall, the light has been standing in this location since 1823, and its beam can be seen up to 14 miles away.

You won’t find a visitor center, museum, or gift shop at this lighthouse like you will at many of the others in the region; however, you can get a picture that looks like it was taken from a postcard of the lighthouse and the seashore that surrounds it from many different vantage points throughout the village of Ocracoke, and you can also buy lighthouse memorabilia at many of the shops in the village.

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Along with its breathtaking beaches, free-roaming ponies, and an abundance of eateries offering up locally caught seafood, the island is home to more than 250 historic buildings, the most of which were constructed from materials salvaged from sunken ships.

7. The lighthouse on the Roanoke River

Most Beautiful Lighthouses to Visit in North Carolina

A series of light stations that rise above the Roanoke River may be seen at the historic Plymouth location known as the Roanoke River Lighthouse.

The primary lighthouse is a reproduction of the building that was on the riverbanks for more than a century, and the Maritime Museum provides visitors with the opportunity to learn about the life of fishermen, merchants, soldiers, and farmers who lived in this area in the middle of the 19th century.

In addition to that, it features a huge collection of original pictures, as well as an aquarium, and a realistic boat-building show.

You may get a better perspective of the light stations and the museum by taking a stroll along the adjacent Rail Switch Nature Trail, where you’ll also find a number of other museums and historic places. This will also give you the opportunity to snap some photographs.

8. Lighthouses Near Me: Currituck Beach Light Station

The Currituck Beach Lighthouse sits on the cliffs above Corolla Village in Eastern North Carolina. The redbrick lighthouse has guided ships and boats in the area for nearly 145 years. At 160 feet, the Currituck Lighthouse contains 220 steps that visitors can climb for a panoramic view of the village and the Atlantic Ocean.

The high-powered beam of light emitted from the structure can be seen from a distance of nearly 20 nautical miles. Guided tours are available for visitors who want to learn more about the history and purpose of the Currituck Beach Light Station.


9. Price Creek Lighthouse

The Price Creek Lighthouse is the shell of the small redbrick structure that used to guide boats along the Cape Fear River. One of eight lighthouses in the area, the Price Creek Lighthouse also served as a Confederate signal station during the Civil War.

The light in the lighthouse was destroyed by Confederate forces who wanted Union troops to become disoriented in battle. Although only the shell of the lighthouse remains, visitors can go inside, walk up the old stairs, and take pictures of the tranquil area. It is also possible to view the lighthouse by boat if you’re traveling along Price Creek. More ideas: Beaches Near Jacksonville, NC

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