10 Richest Teams In South Africa 2023

Top 10 Richest Teams In South Africa 2023

Richest Teams In South Africa 2022
Richest Teams In South Africa 2023

This is an interesting list of the richest teams in South Africa, as well as their current net worth. Achieving the kind of prominence that Manchester United and Real Madrid have achieved is the ultimate goal of every football club in the world. Playing eye catching football, filling their stadiums on a weekly basis, attracting mouth-watering sponsorship and endorsement deals that generate millions of dollars, and gaining loyal fans all over the world.

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South Africa has a thriving and well-managed football system that is second to none. The Premier Soccer League (previously known as the South African Premier Division) is one of the best football leagues in Africa. This allows for many clubs to participate in various competitions organized by the soccer regulators. A large number of clubs participate in a variety of tournaments ranging from leagues to cups. A few soccer outfits are able to shoulder the financial responsibility associated with participating in these various competitions. As a result, some club are wealthier and more profitable than others as a result of this. Continue reading as we present a list of some of the richest football clubs in South Africa.

The reality, on the other hand, is far from larger than expected. Clubs going bankrupt simply because of the level of talent competition that exists in football today is an adequate reason in and of itself. That is why it is critical that we celebrate our own; we must recognize and applaud those soccer clubs that have achieved success and generated revenue. That is precisely what we are endeavoring with this article.

Through this whole article, we will look at the Richest Teams In South Africa, discuss their brands, and discuss how and where the money is generated. We take a look back at their history and consider what we can learn from their accomplishments in the modern era.

Top 10 Richest Teams In South Africa 2023

1. Mamelodi Sundowns – $11 million dollars

Mamelodi Sundowns is one of the most successful football clubs in South Africa, and it is a part of the Premier Soccer League. The Football Club is well-established South African club with the largest fan base in the country. The club is based in Tshwane. After officially becoming a professional football club in 1970, Sundowns joined the National Soccer League in 1983, becoming one of the league’s founding members.

A total of nine times, Mamelodi Sundowns has won the Premier Soccer League title. In South Africa, their trademark Yellow Shirts (which are reminiscent of the Brazilian national team) are the most popular and are sold in large quantities on a yearly basis. The team sells out its stadium on a regular basis, and it is actively courted by major corporations interested in entering sponsorship agreements with the club, either for shirt sponsorship deals or for the opportunity to have their logos displayed in their stadium.

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In terms of value, the club is estimated to be worth approximately $11 million dollars, making it the richest club in South Africa.

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2. Kaizer Chiefs – $9.1 million

Premier Soccer League club Kaizer Chiefs was founded in 1970 by a man named Kaizer Motaung, who had returned from the United States and wanted to establish a football club in South Africa. The club is located in the suburb of Naturena in Johannesburg.

Kaizer Chiefs, also known as Amakhosi, is one of South Africa’s most well-known football clubs. In the Premier Soccer League, Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates have developed a lucrative rivalry that has benefited both teams. It’s no secret that Kaizer Chiefs is a money-making entity; they sell out their stadiums, have lucrative endorsement deals, and send out a large number of players to European leagues each season.

The estimated value of the club is approximately $9.1 million.

3. Supersport United – $7.9 million

Supersport United is a South African football club based in the Pretoria suburb of Atteridgeville. A subsidiary of Supersport, a sports marketing and media organization operating under the Multichoice brand. The football club’s nickname is Matsatsantsa a Pitori, and it competes in the Premier Soccer League (formerly known as the Premier Soccer League).

In addition to attracting large crowds to its home Lucas Moripe Stadium, the club enjoys strong support from Multichoice, strong shirt sales, and the ability to sell players to other countries. Approximately $7.9 million is estimated to be the value of Supersport United, making them the third Richest Teams In South Africa.

4. Bidvest Wits (Bidvest Wits) – $7.4 million

A popular football club based in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, Bidvest Wits is a member of the Premier Soccer League. Because of the club’s affiliation with the University of the Witwatersrand, it has been given the nickname “The Students.” Bidvest Wits was established as a football team in 1921 by the Students’ Representative Council of the University of Witwatersrand, and they were the first team from South Africa to play in the South African National League.

The team receives a lot of support, and their games are well attended as well. The team makes a substantial amount of money from ticket sales. Brands attempting to market their products have also expressed interest in working with the team.

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Currently, the value of Bidvest Wits is estimated to be approximately $7.4 million.

Richest Clubs In South Africa 2023

5. Orlando Pirates – $6.9 million.

Orlando Pirates is located in the suburb of Houghton in Johannesburg. Orlando Soweto was the name given to the football club when it was established in 1937. However, when the company relocated to Houghton, Johannesburg, it became necessary to change its name. The club is extremely competitive and successful; it holds the distinction of being the only team to win the Premier Soccer League title three years in a row.

When the club plays, its loud and noisy supporters turn out in large numbers to cheer them on, and the club regularly sells players to foreign clubs to supplement its revenue.

Orlando Pirates is currently the fifth richest team in South Africa, with an estimated worth of $6.9 million. The team is owned by the Orlando Conglomerate.

6. Platinum Stars – $6.1 million.

Platinum Stars FC is a South African football club based in Phokeng, in the North West Province. They compete in the Premier Soccer League. As an amateur side, the club has been in existence since 1937, when it was first formed.

Player sales are handled by Platinum Stars FC, which is backed by major corporations. According to reports, the club is worth $6.1 million.

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7. Cape Town City – $5.8 million

Cape Town City Football Club is a South African football club based in the city of Cape Town. Cape Town City Football Club was established in 1960 and re-branded as such in 2016. In the city of Cape Town, it is the most popular team, with residents flocking to the Cape Town Stadium to watch its matches on a regular basis.

It is estimated that Cape Town City Football Club is worth approximately $5.8 million, making it one of the Richest Teams In South Africa.

8. Bloemfontein Celtic – $5.1 million.

Bloemfontein Celtic is a professional football club based in Bloemfontein, South Africa. The club was founded in 1903. The team was founded in 1969, and it was sold to Petrus “Whitehead” Molemela in the early 1980s after its founders were unable to meet their financial obligations. Phunya Sele Sele is the club’s nickname, and it plays its home matches at the Dr. Petrus Molemela Stadium. Phunya Sele Sele is a South African football club based in Johannesburg.

The Bloemfontein Celtics are estimated to be worth approximately $5.1 million.

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9. Chippa United – $4.4 million

Chippa United is a South African football club based in the city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It was established in the month of January 2010. One of the most successful football clubs in South Africa, Orlando Pirates is gaining popularity and a large fan base as the season progresses. The nickname “Chili Boys” has been given to the football club.

Despite the fact that the team is one of the youngest in the Premier Soccer League, the club continues to draw large crowds to the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium on a regular basis.

Chippa United FC has a market capitalization of approximately $4.4 million, making it the ninth wealthiest club in South Africa.

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10. Ajax Cape Town – $4.2 million.

Ajax Cape Town is a South African football club headquartered in the Cape Town metropolitan area. It was formed in 1999 as a result of the merger of two teams, the Cape Town Spurs and the Seven Stars of Cape Town. As a result, they have been given the nickname “Urban Warriors.”

The team’s home games continue to draw large crowds to the Cape Town Stadium, where it is currently playing. According to reports, the club is worth $4.2 million.




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Sporting events such as football are profitable when compared to the economy of the country in which they are held; without the support of large crowds at football games, sponsorship deals, and shirt sales, professional football clubs would be unable to make a profit. It is reasonable to conclude that the wealthiest teams in South Africa are prosperous as a result of the nation’s economic growth.

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