What To Do If AirPods Go Through The Wash 2024

What To Do If AirPods Go Through The Wash. Because of their wireless designs, AirPods not only offer listeners an immersive audio experience, but they also give comfort and mobility, which is a significant benefit.

AirPods do not come without a few small drawbacks, the majority of them are user-related, and the fault is primarily on the user’s end.

A lot of people who use AirPods make the mistake of forgetting their AirPods in the pockets of their garments before they wash their clothes.

What To Do If AirPods Go Through The Wash?

But can AirPods survive a trip through the washing machine?

The answer is not a straightforward one, and the reasons behind it are going to be covered in this essay.

We will also study any potential quick remedies to the problem of mending your AirPods after they have been cleaned in the washing machine.

What to do When Your AirPods go Through the Wash ?

If you have damaged your AirPods by accidently running them through the washing machine, there is a strong probability that you will still be able to use them.

AirPods are meant to be splash proof and generally waterproof, and they can even withstand being washed in the washing machine as long as they don’t remain wet for an excessive amount of time.

The two methods that are most likely to result in successful repair of your AirPods include shaking them vigorously in order to remove any extra water, drying them with a microfiber cloth, and leaving them in a straightforward drying solution.

Drying Solutions

After putting your AirPods through the washing machine, the first and most essential step in restoring their functionality is to allow them to air dry as rapidly as possible.

When one discovers that their AirPods have become wet, the very first thing that should be done is to shake them vigorously so that any extra water droplets fall off right away.

After the user has given their AirPods a good shake, they can use a soft towel or a microfiber cloth to dry any portion of the device that is accessible to them.

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After the excess water has been removed from the AirPods, they can be placed in a few different conditions or solutions that will help them dry quicker while also protecting the circuitry from being damaged. AirPods Go Through The Wash

Below is a shortlist of the simplest, safest drying methods you can use to repair your AirPods:

Air Dry – The first step in accelerating the process of repairing your AirPods is to ensure that they are kept in environments that are devoid of moisture. When placed in locations with a natural draft, like as a window sill, wet AirPods will dry out much more quickly. It is possible to hasten the drying process for AirPods by leaving them out in the sun, but doing so for extended periods of time or in particularly warm locations is not advised.

Silica Gel – Many users should be familiar with silica gel if they’ve ever unpackaged electronics before. Silica Gel is used to collect excess moisture during shipping and is usually housed in a small paper parcel within an item’s packaging. In order to help the AirPods take moisture from the air in a more natural way, users can store them in a tiny container alongside unpackaged silica gel buds.

Rice: It seems that this answer, which has been argued for a very long time, actually has a fair bit of plausibility behind it. It has been claimed by a number of users of AirPods that they were successful in reviving their damp AirPods to full functionality by leaving them overnight in a bowl of dry rice. It is still advisable to try the aforementioned solutions before attempting to use rice. AirPods Go Through The Wash

Serial Number

When you find that your AirPods have gone through the washing machine, it is a good idea to jot down their serial number in a secure location so that you can refer to it in the future.

The serial number is a crucial piece of information that Apple needs to authenticate your product for authenticity it needs to qualify for their service or repair policies.

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You can locate the serial number for your AirPods on the back of the charging case that they came with. It is possible that the serial number will no longer be legible if the case has been washed.

If this is the case, you can check the devices that are linked to your phone in order to retrieve information on your AirPods, which should include their serial number.

What To Do If AirPods Go Through The Wash?

AirPod Case

AirPod cases can often be the actual savior of AirPods that go through the washing machine. Cases for AirPods are manufactured to enclose the earbuds in a container that is hermetically sealed, impervious to water, and able to endure a certain quantity of moisture.

These cases come with a clip that users may connect to their clothing or onto secure personal storage locations such as a bedroom lamp.

This clip is an optional accessory that comes with the case. When purchasing AirPods, customers have the option of purchasing a case for their new headphones at a price that is not prohibitively expensive.

After being cleaned in the washing machine, the case for your AirPods should be handled with the same degree of caution as the actual AirPods themselves.

By taking these preventative measures, the charging components of the casing will be protected from harm.

AirPod Pro

The playback and mobility capabilities of AirPod Pros are identical to those of standard AirPods; however, AirPod Pros come with a few additional advantages.

AirPods pro can function normally even after being submerged in water or exposed to more severe weather conditions for an unexpectedly long period of time.

This added resilience allows for AirPod pros to be able to endure a few trips through the washing machine before any severe damage occurs.

It is important to keep in mind that the added protective features of the AirPod Pros can degrade over time and with continued use, and that they may eventually show signs of water wear.

Apple Care

Apple Care is an add-on that is available as an option for customers who buy AirPod Pro. Customers who buy AirPod Pro can take advantage of the additional benefits that come with the Apple Care policy.

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Apple Care is a repair and replacement service that is offered exclusively to Apple customers. This service can help Apple customers save a significant amount of money on unnecessary expenditures associated with mending their products.

In the event that the customer’s AirPods become damaged or stop functioning properly, the AppleCare protection plan makes it possible for the customer to have their AirPods maintained, repaired, or replaced in a quick and hassle-free manner.

AirPods may be changed for approximately $29 if you have AppleCare, but if you don’t have the policy, replacing them will cost approximately $89 each time. This markup should provide most people an understanding of the benefits of an AppleCare policy.

What To Do If AirPods Go Through The Wash?

What To do If Your AirPods Get Wet

Test the AirPods as soon as possible — Although this is an understandable error, the way you handle it could determine how smoothly the process of repairing your AirPods goes.

If your AirPods become wet, you shouldn’t turn them on right away because doing so could further harm its internal components. It is imperative that you soak your AirPods in a drying solution for a minimum of a whole day.
Use electric heaters to dry AirPods – AirPods are not meant to endure severe temperatures, especially once they’ve been exposed to excess water.

When attempting to repair AirPods, it is not in anyone’s best interest to make use of any form of electric heating, such as a blow dryer or an oven.

Excessive blowing to hasten the drying process It’s possible that blowing into your AirPods seems like a clever and natural technique that could hasten the drying process.

However, we also exhale moisture, which means that excessive blowing could create more moisture to collect within the components of the AirPods.

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