15 Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville 2024

The Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville 2024. It should come as no surprise that Nashville has a large number of excellent restaurants; consequently, the city also has a large number of establishments that provide excellent brunch. Brunch on the weekends has been elevated to the level of an art form in Nashville.

Brunch is such a huge deal in Nashville that some restaurants choose to exclusively offer it all week long because of its popularity.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter when you come to Music City; you’ll always have the opportunity to discover something new.

You can discover brunch menus that include all of the conventional selections you are accustomed to, but you can also find restaurants that put their own spin on traditional breakfast dishes.

Because there is such a wide variety of options, you could spend many, many weekends in Nashville exploring the many different restaurants that serve brunch.

Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville 2024

1. Biscuit Love

Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville 2023
Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville

This wildly famous breakfast restaurant began as a food truck and has since grown to include two locations in Nashville and one in Franklin.

No matter where you go, you can eat delicious traditional Southern comfort food. Particularly well-known for its buttermilk biscuits is Biscuit Love.

Only the mornings and early afternoons are when Biscuit Love is open. One of the few famous brunch locations in Nashville that serves more than just breakfast on the weekends is this one.

Don’t forget to order the nuts (biscuit donuts with blueberry compote). The “Princess,” which is hot chicken on a biscuit, and shrimp and grits are both excellent alternatives.

2. Josephine (Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville)

Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville 2023
Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville

Visit Josephine on 12 South if you want a more upmarket brunch experience. The dishes are so delicious that it is plainly evident why chef Andy Little has received two James Beard semifinalist nominations after only a few nibbles.

Particularly excellent weekend brunch alternatives are offered by Josephine. Both the Josephine steak and eggs and the Josephine benedict with country ham and brown butter hollandaise are delectable.

The apple and fig fritters and cinnamon sugar doughnuts are are excellent choices from the dessert menu. Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville

3. Pancake Pantry

Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville 2023
Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville

In 1961, Hillsboro Village in Nashville saw the opening of this iconic breakfast restaurant. It’s clear that Pancake Pantry is very well-liked from the line that forms every Saturday morning. Weekdays typically see a shorter line.

The quaint eatery serves breakfast and lunch. There are 23 distinct varieties of pancakes on the menu. Expected favorites like buttermilk pancakes and more common ones like sweet potato pancakes are available.

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My favorite pancakes are the blueberry ones. Omelets, country ham, and avocado toast are just a few of the many savory alternatives.

4. Ruby Sunshine (Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville)

Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville 2023

This New Orleans restaurant has a location in Hillsboro Village, Nashville, not far from Belmont University.

You can anticipate all the flavor and friendliness (as well as the drinks) from a New Orleans-born all-day brunch restaurant at Ruby Sunshine.

They are known for serving traditional favorites including beignets and eggs cochon. The loaded french toast is one of my favorite foods.

In Hillsboro Village, Ruby Sunshine is located right next to Pancake Pantry. If Pancake Pantry has a horrendous line, Ruby Sunshine offers a fantastic breakfast.

5. Liberty Common

Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville 2023
Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville

Weekend brunch at Liberty Common in Downtown Nashville is popular with both locals and tourists. The stylish, up-to-date restaurant serves traditional Southern fare with a French influence.

A girls’ breakfast would be ideal in the elegantly designed dining room.

Waffle madame, a nod to the traditional French brasserie staple, is the most well-liked brunch food. Must-tries include the fried chicken biscuit and the cinnamon-walnut buttermilk pancakes.

Request a seat on the patio of the Parisian-style cafe when the weather is favorable. You may take in the city’s atmosphere while having brunch.

6. Butcher & Bee (Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville)

 If you’ve read our list of Nashville’s top restaurants, you already know that Butcher & Bee is among the city’s top restaurants.

The brunch menu at the Mediterranean-style restaurant is made even better by the dedication to using only the freshest local ingredients.

You should always order the whipped feta whenever you go, regardless of the time of day. But anything on the menu is a good choice.

Purchase a mimosa or bloody mary and place multiple dish orders for the table to split. The greatest way to experience Butcher & Bee in East Nashville is with a group of friends.

If you come here for breakfast and then decide to stay for dinner, nobody will look down on you. Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville

7. Von Elrod’s Beer Hall

Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville

Von Elrod’s Beer Hall, a popular brunch spot in Music City, is situated in Germantown. They provide a Live Bluegrass Brunch every Friday through Sunday. Both the brunch meal and the music are excellent.

Don’t pass on the fried chicken and biscuits or the hand-cranked morning sausage. Try the B.A.M., the Big A** Mimosa, which is served in a liter stein, if you feel up to the challenge. This is the spot if you’re searching for a distinctive brunch experience that you can only get in Nashville.

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8. Henrietta Red (Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville)

 No matter what time of day you visit, the seafood restaurant owned and operated by Julia Sullivan in Nashville won’t let you down.

The Germantown restaurant stands out for its dedication to using basic, seasonal ingredients to make superb dishes.

The greatest way to enjoy the weekend brunch at Henrietta Red is with friends. The cuisine at Henrietta Red changes with the seasons.

Monkey bread and other sweet choices are usually a wonderful option. Additionally, there are savory options like crab cakes, quiche, and shrimp salad available. Additionally, you may start your morning off with wood-roasted oysters here, of course.

10. Geist (Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville)

Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville

You shouldn’t choose a brunch venue solely on the basis of the ambiance, but fortunately this Germantown restaurant, built in a brick structure constructed in 1886 with a stunning interior, also serves excellent food.

You can even eat brunch in the Champagne Garden on weekends when the weather is nice.

One of my favorite brunch spots in Nashville is this one. Avocado toast and cinnamon rolls are both excellent choices.

The Geist burger, french toast with banana bread, and fried beignets are some more well-known classics. If you’re searching for a drunken brunch, a visit might easily develop into a visit with so many cocktail options.

11. Urban Grub

This charmingly rustic eatery in 12th South is well-known for its dinner menu among both tourists and locals. But the restaurant also offers a good brunch on the weekends.

Urban Grub is best known for transforming straightforward, traditional dishes into a wonderful experience. The brunch menu there is the same.

Their cuisine is built around seafood and Southern food, and everything you order is sure to be fantastic.

You must try the stuffed grub doughnuts. You can also have Nashville hot chicken served on a waffle here if you still haven’t had enough of it.

12. Loveless Cafe

This classic Southern eatery, which can be found on the south side of Nashville, has been making some of the city’s top biscuits since 1951. People from all walks of life are drawn in by the neon signs to the restaurant’s welcoming ambiance and delectable fare.

The cafe produces traditional food at a high standard. Breakfast staples including fried chicken biscuits, country ham, and breakfast sandwiches are available.

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Everything on the menu is a wonderful pick, but the cinnamon raisin french toast is very delicious.

13. Adele’s (Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville)

The farm-to-table eatery in the Gulch provides a tempting brunch buffet on Saturday and Sunday. You’ll have energy for the rest of the morning’s activities thanks to the delectable home cooking. Some of Nashville’s top attractions are conveniently close by.

There are plenty of wonderful meals in the brunch buffet, despite the fact that the foods change significantly.

There is much more than the usual breakfast fare like toasted bagels and scrambled eggs. A variety of salads, roasted meats, veggies, cured meats, and shellfish are all available.

13. White Limozeen

Any Dolly Parton lover must go to White Limozeen, which is located Midtown. The Graduate Hotel’s rooftop is home to the rooftop bar and restaurant with a Dolly Parton theme. (One of our suggestions for accommodations in Nashville.)

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t select a brunch spot primarily on Instagram photo opportunities, but the opulent chandeliers, vivid pink chairs, and Dolly Parton statue are all undoubtedly attractive.

It should come as no surprise that this well-known brunch spot serves fantastic cocktails, including bloody marys. The charcuterie platter is a good place to start.

Try some of the other dishes that are most frequently ordered, such as the toast with caviar and soft scrambled eggs or the french toast with sorghum caramel, creme anglaise, and apple.

14. Hawkers Asian Street Food

Hawkers serves a good weekend brunch and is already a local favorite in East Nashville. You can anticipate traditional Asian flavors with a twist.

Although the brunch menu is small, every item is excellent. You’ll find lots to love like the Korean fried chicken biscuits, coconut curry eggs benedict, and pandan kaya pancakes.

They also provide bottomless mimosas and you can sample a kimchi and house bloody mary. It’s a terrific meal for gathering with friends and getting the day off to a good start.

15. Sinema (Essential Brunch Destinations Around Nashville)

Housed in the historic Melrose theater, Sinema gives customers a luxurious Saturday and Sunday brunch experience. Due to its popularity, reservations for the weekend brunch are frequently required at least two weeks in advance.

A bottomless weekend brunch is available at Sinema. You can order a number of things and get as much of each as you’d like. There is fruity pebbles french toast, biscuits and gravy, and fried chicken.

Additionally, you can upgrade your order to include bottomless mimosas or bloody marys. Sinema is not exactly a cheap brunch option, but every once in a while it’s fun to treat yourself.

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