15 Destinations for a Beach Wedding 2023

The 15 Destinations for a Beach Wedding 2023: There is no need for expensive decorations while having a wedding on the beach. Because of the breathtaking landscape, the natural beauty already does the work for us.

And, against such a lovely background, what bride wouldn’t look absolutely stunning? The soothing sound of the ocean waves, along with the feel of a little wind, helps to provide the most romantic mood possible.

Here is a look at some of the very best beach locations for your wedding ceremony, despite the fact that there are an infinite number of reasons to have a wedding on the beach.

15 Destinations for a Beach Wedding 2023

1. Pink Sands Beach – Harbour Island, Bahamas


A wedding ceremony on a stunning beach with pink sand is one of the most romantic settings imaginable.

When you get married in the Bahamas, you may say your “I dos” on Harbour Island, which is known for its powdery pink dunes and its proximity to a sea that is incredibly pure and turquoise in color.

This three-mile long length of pink sand that is frequently ranked as one of the greatest pink beaches in the world, and it gives plenty of room for visitors, while Harbour Island features a selection of exquisite honeymoon villas for the perfect newlywed hideaway.

2. Makena Cove Beach – Maui, Hawaii


Makena Cove Beach is one of the most stunning places to visit on the planet because to its powdery-fine golden sand, vibrant turquoise seas, swaying palm palms, and breathtaking sunsets.

It is without a doubt one of the most ideal places to have a dream wedding since it is situated on the island of Maui, which, in comparison to the other Hawaiian islands, has less precipitation on average.

Additionally, there are less people on the beach at certain times of the day, such as early in the morning or just before sunset.

The small, walled-in cove also features a dramatic combination of sand, sea, and rocks, which makes for some excellent wedding images.

However, because to the limited area available, the location is best suited for a more private ceremony.

3. Petit St. Vincent, St. Vincent & the Grenadines


On this 113-acre private island resort that is surrounded by two miles of exquisite white dunes, you will feel as though you are on the other side of the planet from the craziness of contemporary life.

The sea at this Caribbean resort is a stunning mosaic of light turquoise and deep sapphire blue, and you are more likely to hear the voices of the birds and the sounds of the softly lapping waves than you are to hear other people.

Due to the fact that it is a private island resort, you will have the entire beach to yourself, making it an ideal location for a wedding attended by close relatives and friends.

You are free to exchange your vows on any length of untouched beach that strikes your fancy, and afterward you may go for a sail at sunset, or you can simply spend the rest of the evening taking pleasure in each other’s company and the breathtaking scenery.

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Destinations for a Beach Wedding

4. Seven Mile Beach – Negril, Jamaica


In all of Jamaica, Negril is renowned not only for its breathtaking sunsets but also for its Seven Mile Beach, which is regarded as one of the longest and most beautiful beaches in the country.

It is also a well-liked location for weddings that take place at a destination since it is surrounded by luxurious and romantic resorts, many of which are accessible on a budget, and is situated close to the water.

It is also stated that Seven Mile plays home to more weddings than any other location in the Caribbean.

If you’re seeking to have a party that’s a lot of fun, you’ll discover that Negril has its fair share of some of the top reggae bands as well.

This makes it almost certain that all of your guests will be out on the dance floor having a good time.

5. Bavaro Beach – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the least expensive beach resorts in the Caribbean.

A ceremony held at the height of the country’s wedding season takes place during the country’s offseason, which runs from June through September.

This results in reduced airfare prices as well as cheaper lodging rates, in addition to a more peaceful ambiance.

Now Larimar is an all-inclusive facility with an elegant feel, fair pricing, and a specialized wedding coordinating staff to help make sure that your vision wedding becomes a reality.

It is nestled on this palm-studded white-sand beach that overlooks the blue sea.

6. White Bay Beach – Peter Island, British Virgin Islands


When you get married on Peter Island, not only will you be able to enjoy the tranquility of having your ceremony on your very own private island, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of the island’s five breathtaking white-sand beaches.

It is said that Robert Louis Stevenson got the idea for his novel Treasure Island from White Bay Beach, which also happens to be a breathtakingly gorgeous location.

There are so many things to do and see on this island paradise in addition to the breathtaking views, such as scuba diving and sailing trips, that you might not want to leave at all.

Destinations for a Beach Wedding

7. Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda


The long, curving length of light pink sand that makes up Horseshoe Bay Beach is set against the clear blue seas of the Atlantic Ocean.

There are a number of isolated coves that are perfect for a small wedding, despite the fact that this is Bermuda’s most famous beach and perhaps the one that has the most photographs taken of it owing to its mesmerizing beauty.

Temperatures range from an average of 70 degrees during the remainder of the year to an average of 80 degrees from April through October. This means that there is no discernible rainy season.

You’ll also discover wonderful restaurants where you may indulge in delicious regional specialties like Bermudian rockfish while watching a breathtaking sunset, sipping champagne, and wallowing in the beach with your toes in the sand.

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8. Ocracoke Island – Outerbanks, North Carolina


The Outer Banks region of North Carolina is comprised of a stretch of barrier islands that encompass about half of the state’s coastline.

This region is home to a variety of picturesque locations, such as Ocracoke Island, where couples can exchange their wedding vows.

Ocracoke is the most southernmost town on the Outer Banks, and it is home to some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the whole region.

Only 800 people choose to make this their permanent home throughout the year, and the 16 miles of pristine beaches can only be reached by ferry, boat, or plane.

It has uncrowded, soft stretches of sand and gorgeous waters, which led Dr. Beach to name it the “Best Beach in the United States.”

It also ranks at the top for East Coast destination weddings, which means that despite its relative seclusion, you’ll find a large number of professional vendors from which to choose to help create your ideal ceremony.

9. Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman


In addition, Seven Mile Beach may be found on Grand Cayman. This long stretch of champagne-colored sand is flanked with palm trees and Casuarina trees, in addition to a broad variety of lodgings that face the stunning aquamarine sea.

It has a sophisticated atmosphere together with spectacular scenery and a plethora of activities such as parasailing, windsurfing, and even snorkeling with friendly southern stingrays at Stingray City.

It was named one of the “Ultimate Beaches” by Caribbean Travel + Life and the No. 1 beach by U.S. News Travel.

Destinations for a Beach Wedding

10. Sugar Beach, Saint Lucia


Sugar Beach is a tiny crescent-shaped beach with white sand that is located on the southwest coast of Saint Lucia.

It is found snuggled between the island’s renowned Gros Piton and Petit Piton, which are two lush green peaks that climb into the clear blue skies above the island.

An unrivaled location for a celebration of love and romance, this location is often referred to as one of the sexiest and most gorgeous sites in the Caribbean.

Here, you may celebrate love and passion by walking down a sandy aisle to the strains of calypso music in an unrivaled environment.

Conde Nast Traveler has ranked the Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Resort, as one of the greatest locations to stay in the entire globe.

Wedding planners are able to assist in the organization of a one-of-a-kind ceremony that takes place directly on the beach and is surrounded by unspoiled tropical rainforest.

11. Maroma Beach – Riviera Maya, Mexico

Maroma Beach is a beautiful beach located along the Caribbean coast of Mexico. It is considered as one of the greatest beaches in Riviera Maya due to its soft, sugary sands that slope gently into the light turquoise water.

After the ceremony, guests may participate in a variety of activities, including snorkeling or diving on an offshore coral teaming with tropical fish, exploring the ancient Mayan ruins at Tulum, and tubing through natural cenotes.

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Not only is this location ideal for weddings, but it also offers a wide range of post-ceremony activities.

To pay homage to the custom of luminarias practiced in Mexico, light a candle-lit procession down the center of your beach promenade.

12. Islamorada, Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are an option worth considering for couples who have always dreamed of having a wedding in a tropical setting but who must keep their ceremony local due to family obligations.

In Islamorada, the heart of a group of islands known as the purple isles that include Plantation Key, Windley Key, as well as Upper Matecumbe Key and Lower Matecumbe Key, you’ll find Morada Bay, which is the ultimate paradise for a romantic beach celebration.

The Keys are sometimes referred to as “America’s Caribbean,” and Islamorada is the heart of this group of islands.In addition to providing a breathtaking location for weddings, the Morada Bay Resort also offers all-inclusive wedding packages for functions ranging from small gatherings to elaborate affairs.

13. Lover’s Point Beach – Pacific Grove, California

Lover’s Point Beach is a stunning location along the coast of Central California that provides visitors with a magnificent shoreline as well as the option to be married with the sounds of the crashing waves at their back and the fun barking of sea lions heard in the distance.

It’s been chosen the most romantic wedding destination on the Monterey Peninsula time and time again, and Life magazine once dubbed Pacific Grove “the most romantic city in the United States.”

This beachfront venue is perfect for weddings of every size, from an intimate elopement to a lavish bash for hundreds of guests.

It should come as no surprise that this particular location is in high demand as a wedding venue given that it features a breathtaking panorama of the sparkling Pacific Ocean as its background.

14. Trunk Bay Beach – St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

As an untouched crescent of fine, white powdery sands with a backdrop of swaying palms and shaded sea-grape trees.

Trunk Bay Beach is one of the beaches that is photographed the most across the entirety of the United States Virgin Islands.

The water is very transparent, and there is a national park located beneath the surface that is teeming with vibrantly colored coral and fish from all over the world.

This beach is particularly breathtaking after sunset, when the sun sets and casts a magnificent golden glow over the sand.

15. Cannon Beach – Cannon Beach, Oregon

The length of rocky and wild coastline that runs along the northern coast of Oregon is home to the longest continuous expanses of uninterrupted beaches.

One of the most picturesque towns in Oregon, Cannon Beach is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, and it is a popular location for couples looking to get married on the sand as the sound of the waves plays in the background.

This location is hard to top, especially at sunset, thanks to its breathtaking views of the ocean and the coastal mountains, as well as the iconic Haystack Rock in the backdrop.

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