14 Most Fabulous Boardwalks in America 2023

14 Most Fabulous Boardwalks in America 2023: It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a good boardwalk.

Beach boardwalks typically provide a variety of amenities in addition to the opportunity to take a stroll along the sand while inhaling the clean, salty air.

Although many of these wonderful boardwalks are just as pleasant during other times of the year as they are during the summer, visiting one or more of these magnificent boardwalks is the experience that best captures the spirit of summer in the United States.

These top boardwalks provide some of the very finest that the United States of America has to offer, and they can be found all around the country.

14 Most Fabulous Boardwalks in America 2023

1. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk – Santa Cruz, California

Most Fabulous Boardwalks in America

Since its opening in 1907, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has been entertaining visitors for over a century. It was designed to be the equivalent of Coney Island on the West Coast.

The Looff Carousel, which was hand-carved in 1911, and the Giant Dipper roller coaster, which had a wood-framed structure and was built in 1924, are both rides that are officially listed as National Historic Landmarks.

This amusement park, which is a prominent attraction in Santa Cruz, is the only seaside amusement park that still exists along the coast. Copper kettles are used to prepare saltwater taffy at Marini’s Boardwalk, a company that has been there since 1915.

The Wharf is just a short stroll away, making it convenient for both informal and premium restaurants with breathtaking views of the ocean. It is also a favorite site for watching sea lions play in the water and relax on the rafters below.

When you aren’t enjoying all of the rides and activities, you can take advantage of the Wharf.

2. Atlantic City Boardwalk – Atlantic City, New Jersey


One of the most popular things to do in Atlantic City is to stroll along the historic “great wooden way,” which spans a distance of four miles and was constructed in 1870. It is sometimes referred to as the “grandfather of boardwalks.”

The initial installation of the wooden planks on the beach was done with the intention of reducing the amount of sand that visitors to the beach tracked into the railway stations and hotel lobbies.

Today, it provides a ton of entertainment, looping through glamorous hotels, vast arcade halls, flashy casinos, and the neon-lit pier, in addition to providing the opportunity to bask in the sun and ride the waves.

You’ll have your choice of shops and restaurants, many of which offer stunning vistas of the ocean, and excellent opportunities to people watch.

3. Rockaway Boardwalk – Queens, New York

Most Fabulous Boardwalks in America

Residents of New York City have been making day trips to Rockaway for decades because of its 5.5-mile-long boardwalk, its 170 acres of sandy beaches, and the fact that all of these features are completely accessible by subway.

Although construction began on a number of individual segments that were not joined to one another until the late 19th century, the total length was not finished until the 1930s.

Hurricane Sandy destroyed a large portion of it in 2012, but since then, the parks department has invested millions of dollars on rebuilding and re-opening the much-loved boardwalk that had been destroyed.

It is frequented by young creative people who come for the surf culture as well as the developing food scene, and the area is sometimes referred to as the “anti-Hamptons.”

You have the opportunity to travel from concession stand to concession stand along the whole route and sample a variety of foods, ranging from frozen sweets to burgers and everything in between at each stop along the way.

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4. Coney Island Boardwalk – Brooklyn, New York

Most Fabulous Boardwalks in America

The “Sodom by the Sea,” as it was known in the 19th century for its many casinos and gambling establishments, is possibly the most well-known boardwalk in the United States.

Just after the end of the Civil War, Coney began to develop into a well-liked vacation destination, and a number of hotels began to sprout up along the beach.

These hotels typically included dining establishments and places where one could rent swimwear. The LaMarcus Thompson’s Switchback Gravity Railway was the first rollercoaster ever constructed in the United States.

It was launched for business at this location in 1884. Subsequently, other rides such as an aerial slide, carousels, and toboggan rides were constructed here.

Even though the current version of Coney Island wasn’t established until 1923, this location was home to a variety of amusement parks in the past, including Luna Park and Dreamland.

It began a return in the 1980s and was recently refurbished, adding a multiplicity of dazzling new attractions including the Air Race, a thrill inspired by aerial racing, as well as a lengthy entertainment lineup.

Although it was in decline for a number of years, it began a revival in the 1980s and was recently revitalized. In addition to holding Nathan’s Famous trademark hot dogs, the boardwalk plays host to fireworks, beach dances, and movie screenings on the sand during the whole summer.

5. Navy Pier – Chicago, Illinois


The Navy Pier may not be on the coast of an ocean, but it is located on the shore of Lake Michigan and has a Ferris wheel that is 150 feet high and offers passengers a view of both the lake and the city skyline.

The Chicago Children’s Museum, a carousel, a wave swinger, and mini-golf are just some of the attractions that can be found in this popular part of the city, which also features additional attractions such as the Chicago Shakespeare Theater, an outdoor theater, and a mini-golf course.

At the Churro Factory booth, you may have chocolate-covered churros that are warm and crispy, or you can get a hot dog from America’s Dog Chicago that comes with all the trimmings, including relish, celery salt, mustard, sport peppers, tomato, pickle, and onion.

Neither of these options should be missed. There are many different kinds of microbrews available at the Miller Lite Beer Garden Grove if you’re looking for something to wash down your meal with.

6. Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Boardwalk & Promenade – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Most Fabulous Boardwalks in America
Most Fabulous Boardwalks in America

The Grand Strand seashore has been given a revitalized appearance thanks to the completion of this boardwalk in the summer of 2010. It is nearly a mile long and has a carnival-like ambiance with rides such as the 187-foot-tall Myrtle Beach SkyWheel as well as souvenir stores and arcades.

Peaches Corner, which has been a Myrtle Beach staple since 1937 and is known for its root beer floats and foot-long hot dogs that are first deep-fried and then grilled, is still by far the most popular restaurant, despite the launch of a slew of new eateries that coincided with the development of the new complex.

On summer evenings, the promenade plays host to live entertainment such as jugglers, stilt walkers, and bagpipers. It also hosts a weekly fireworks show for the town’s residents and visitors.

7. Ocean City Boardwalk – Ocean City, Maryland


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The construction of this three-mile-long boardwalk, which is located at the most southern point of Ocean City in Maryland, began in the year 1902.

The Herschel-Spellman carousel, which dates back to 1902, is just one of the many games, rides, and stores that can be found in this popular district of the city.

Do not miss the Life-Saving Station Museum, which recounts the history of shipwrecks and the rescue teams which came to their help, or the Inlet Indian sculpture, which was carved from a hundred-year-old oak and presented to the state in 1976.

Both of these attractions are located in the same building. Other activities, like as outdoor movies, Beach Olympics, and free concerts on various evenings throughout the months of July and August, may be found packed along the wooden boardwalk.

In addition, the restaurant Mug & Mallet serves traditional Maryland blue crabs by the bucket, while the restaurant Fractured Prune is known for its hand-dipped doughnuts.

8. Ocean Front Walk – Venice Beach, California

Most Fabulous Boardwalks in America

It’s possible that the Venice Boardwalk, which is more properly referred to as the Ocean Front Walk, is best known as a haven for peculiar personalities.

This world-famous location is also one of the greatest places in the world to people watch and is a popular gathering area for those who want to be seen as well.

The three-mile stretch of beachfront is teeming with tattoo artists, fortune tellers, runners, rollerbladers, cyclists, weight lifters, peddlers of handcrafted jewelry, and an assortment of street entertainers.

These performers range from musicians to jugglers, mimes, and break dancers. There are a great number of restaurants here, many of which offer both indoor and outdoor seating areas so that patrons may take in the scenery as they eat.

9. Wildwood Boardwalk – Wildwood, New Jersey


The Wildwood Boardwalk, which is known all over the world, has to rank up there among the most tacky boardwalks in all of America. The two-mile-long boardwalk features four enormous piers that are packed with exciting rides and amusements.

These include three of the top rollercoasters on the east coast, in addition to many boutiques, games, and dining establishments. There are also waterparks that are packed with exciting attractions.

It has even more amusement rides than Disneyland, including the Great White, which is known for being both one of the fastest and tallest wooden rollercoasters in the eastern United States. In addition, it has all of the classic seaside attractions that you would expect to find.

Both the boardwalk and the beach provide something for everyone, with the beach’s long lengths of sand providing plenty of space for a variety of sports ranging from tossing a Frisbee to surfing, boogie boarding, or simply basking in the sunshine.

The powdery, white sands that run for five miles also play host to a variety of events such as Sand Sculpture Festivals, headlining concerts, Monster Truck Races, the Wildwoods International Kite festival, and more.

10. Kemah Boardwalk – Kemah Texas

Most Fabulous Boardwalks in America
Most Fabulous Boardwalks in America

This 60-acre beachfront amusement park that overlooks Trinity Bay first opened its doors in 1996.

It is home to the only rollercoaster on the Texas Gulf, the gigantic beachfront Bullet, which is a coaster that stands 96 feet tall and travels at speeds of more than 51 mph down a track that is 3,236 feet long.

Trinity Bay is located just across from the park. In addition to these, it features a large number of additional rides, attractions, and midway games, as well as a charter yacht, a marina with 400 slips, an extensive list of restaurants, and several stores.

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11. Virginia Beach Boardwalk – Virginia Beach, Virginia

This concrete boardwalk over the Atlantic Ocean is three miles long and is bordered on both sides with a variety of businesses and activities, including live music venues, hotels, restaurants, amusement rides, bike rental shops, souvenir stores, and more.

A procession of nautical sculptures can be seen all over the place, including the well-known bronze King Neptune, which stands 34 feet tall. The Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum, Grommet Island, and the Old Coast Guard Station are three further attractions that are not to be missed.

You may also enjoy activities such as fishing off the pier, places for paddle boarding, parasailing, and kayaking, and cycling along the bike path that runs beside the boardwalk. All of these activities are available at no additional cost.

During the summer, there are other events held each night, such as live musical performances and theatrical shows.

12. Mission Beach Boardwalk – San Diego, California

It should come as no surprise that San Diego, a city that enjoys year-round sunlight, has a gorgeous boardwalk that is three miles long and runs along both Pacific and Mission beaches. This boardwalk provides opportunities for a wide variety of activities that may be enjoyed outside.

Joggers, rollerbladers, and bodyboarders who ride the Wave House’s never-ending simulated waves are just some of the energetic enthusiasts that can be found thronging the boardwalk at all hours of the day.

If you become too hot while having fun in the heat at Belmont Park amusement park, you can cool down in The Plunge, which is an Olympic-sized indoor pool.

If you want to ride the Giant Dipper rollercoaster or any of the other heart-pounding thrill attractions, you may go to the park.

13. Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk – Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

The gorgeous boardwalk located on the mid-Atlantic coast offers guests a more tranquil experience, making it a popular tourist destination.

Even though it isn’t large, glamorous, or jam-packed with exciting rides, it connects the almost half-century-old Funland amusement park with other relics from the past, such as Dolle’s, which has been selling caramel corn, saltwater taffy, and chocolate-covered pretzels since 1926.

In addition, it connects the Funland amusement park with other relics from the past, such as the Funland Railroad. Greenman Juice Bar also serves more innovative combinations, such as smoothies like the Healthy Elvis, which contain frozen yogurt, organic peanut butter, raspberry, and banana.

The Healthy Elvis is one of Greenman Juice Bar’s signature drinks. This is a year-round holiday location that attracts tourists from all over the world, and it features beaches that are absolutely spotless and unspoiled.

14. Santa Monica Pier – Santa Monica, California

Many people enjoy riding the Ferris wheel that is located on the pier in Santa Monica because it is so near to the ocean that it almost gives the impression that it will drop you off directly into the shimmering waves of the Pacific.

The pier, which is located at the end of Route 66 just outside of Los Angeles, also features gentler rides for children. One of them is a carousel that was featured in “The Sting,” a film that won the Academy Award for Best Picture and starred Robert Redford and Paul Newman.

You may ride, dine, cycle, and shop, all against the background of the Pacific Ocean, in an ambiance reminiscent of a traditional carnival.

It is highly recommended that you remain in the area for the sunset, which may be seen most spectacularly from the very end of the pier, with a view of the city in the background when you turn around.

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