Top 10 Best High Schools In Pretoria 2024

Best High Schools In Pretoria 2022
Best High Schools In Pretoria 2024

The Top 10 Best High Schools In Pretoria 2024: The senior high school that a child attends is extremely significant since it will, to a considerable degree, influence a variety of aspects, such as his attitude on life, his capacity to cope with issues, and his capacity to relate to people.

Because there are so many high schools in Pretoria, South Africa, parents who reside there have the challenge of choosing where to send their children to high school. There are simply too many options.

In this article, we not only present a list of the best high schools in Pretoria that meet the most stringent criteria for educational excellence but also provide the schools’ respective contact information.

The schools are chosen based on how well they performed on the national examinations as well as the facilities that they offer on their campuses.

Top 10 Best High Schools In Pretoria 2024

1. Pretoria Secondary School

A high school that has a great deal of reputation is the Pretoria Secondary school, which serves the Islington neighborhood of Pretoria. It is worth mentioning that the education provided at this public institution, which is controlled by the government, is of an exceptionally high standard.

In order to provide students with a well-rounded educational experience, the school requires that they participate in both academic and extracurricular activities on a regular basis. The students at this institution have, on average, demonstrated strong performance on standardized tests at the national level.

Location: Beside Prinsloo and Skinner Str, Islington, Pretoria, South Africa 0001.

Telephone: 0123229943


2. St Alban’s College (Best High Schools In Pretoria 2024)

In the city of Pretoria, there is a private, boys-only institution called St Alban’s College. This educational establishment has been around for a very long time and has a strong reputation.

The school provides both day and boarding options for its students, and it is widely considered to be among the most prestigious educational institutions in the region. This is due not only to the facilities it possesses, but also to the high standard of instruction that it makes available to its pupils.

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Location: 110 Clearwater Road, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria, South Africa 0081

Phone Number: +27123481221


3. Pretoria Boys High School

The Pretoria Boys High School is a public high school in Pretoria that is reserved exclusively for male students. This school is the object of envious gaze from a great number of other educational institutions because of its widespread reputation as a center for intellectual brilliance.

It is well acknowledged that Pretoria Boys High School provides an education of a high level and possesses some of the greatest facilities in the country. The school has a total staff size of around 100 people and approximately 1500 pupils enrolled at the institution.

The classroom setting, the laboratory, and the extracurricular activities offered by the school all contribute to a well-rounded education.

Location: Roper Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria, 0181, South Africa.

Phone Number: +27124602246


4. Sutherland High School

Private high school Sutherland High School can be found in the city of Centurion, in the province of Pretoria, South Africa.

The school has a reputation for being one of the schools where the educational quality is quite high, and the curriculum is highly integrated, providing the kids with a well-rounded education that develops them in all aspects of academics as well as extracurricular activities.

Location: 1333 Willem Botha Avenue, Eldoraigne, Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa.

Telephone: 012 658 5880


5. Hatfield Christian School (Best High Schools In Pretoria 2024)

The year 1985 marks the beginning of Hatfield Christian School’s existence. It is a school that does more than provide education to give children a competitive edge in all aspects of their activities; rather, the school also gives the students a sound moral foundation to make them good citizens of the country who are ready to contribute to society, and to humanity in general.

This is because the school does more than just provide education. Approximately one thousand children and young adults are enrolled at this educational institution at the moment.

Location: 551 January Masiela Drive, Waterkloof Glen, Pretoria, South Africa.

Telephone: +27123611182

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6. Pretoria Technical High School

Pretoria Technical High School is a public high school located in the Arcadia neighborhood of Pretoria, South Africa.

This is a school that emphasizes the development of technical abilities in children and gives its pupils the opportunity to become proficient in all facets of technical vocation.

Students who successfully complete their studies at this institution are able to find employment in the technological area, notably in the manufacturing industry. Others choose careers in business, such as being an engineer, a consultant, or something similar.

Location: 649 Park Str, Arcadia, Pretoria, South Africa.

Phone Number: 012 343 2357


7. Pretoria High School for Girls (Pretoria High School)

Pretoria High School for Girls is a girls-only high school in the Arcadia neighborhood of Pretoria, South Africa. This institution has built a reputation over the years for providing an education of a very high degree, and it is well-established that it accepts students only if they can demonstrate a capacity to compete.

It is widely believed that this particular secondary school is one of the best in the entire province and that it adheres to the most stringent educational requirements.

As a result of the institution’s dedication to fostering the intellectual potential of young women in the region, several businesses and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) throughout the nation have provided financial assistance to the school in the form of grants and scholarships.

Location: 949 Park Street, Arcadiam Pretoria, South Africa 0083

Phone Number: +27 12 430 7341


8. St Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls

St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls is a christian-inspired educational establishment for young women that was established in 1886.

This is a wonderful location for young women to acquire an education of the highest caliber and a safe environment in which to mature and spend their formative years.

They will be given spiritual and ethical guidance that will assist them in maturing into responsible women who are able to direct their potential to great benefit.

Location: Duxbury Road, Hillcrest, Pretoria, South Africa.

Telephone: +27123660500

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9. The Glen High School (Best High Schools In Pretoria 2024)

The Glen High School is a state-owned secondary school in Pretoria, South Africa. This educational institution is a bastion of learning in which students are provided with a high-quality education as well as the mentality to go out into the world and do great things.

The educational system at this institution is non-denominational, and there are more than one thousand pupils registered at this time.

Location: Garstfontein Road and Corobay Av, Waterkloof, Pretoria, South Africa.

Phone Number: +27123488625


10. Willowridge High School

The year 1987 marked the establishment of Pretoria’s Willowridge High School as a secondary education facility.

The student body is diverse, and the institution provides a high-quality education in addition to many extracurricular opportunities. In addition, kids who attend this school have historically demonstrated strong performance on standardized tests at the national level.

Location: 518 verkener Ave, Die Wilgers, Pretoria, South Africa.

Phone: +27128073423


Conclusion: Best High Schools In Pretoria 20223

There is no question about the superiority of the education provided by the excellent institutions that are featured on this list of the top high schools in Pretoria.

Therefore, making a decision would be contingent on other aspects such as your location and whether or not you have the financial means to pay the tuition fees.

However, you may have peace of mind knowing that regardless of whatever school you choose for your child, they will receive an excellent education there.

Top 10 Best High Schools In Pretoria 2024 –


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