List of Free Boarding Schools in South Africa 2024

List of Free Boarding Schools in South Africa: There are a few things you need to keep in mind if you are looking for free boarding schools in South Africa.

Boarding schools typically have higher tuition costs than other types of schools due to the increased level of care that must be provided for the students, including precautionary measures, a moral education, monitoring, and various health facilities.

Because of this increased level of care, the administration will need to spend more money in order to keep the school operational.

As a result, rather of wasting time looking for free boarding schools in South Africa, you can choose from one of the many affordable boarding schools in the country, some of which even provide students with part of their services at no cost.

Some of these educational institutions are famous for producing famous celebrities who have played significant roles in advancing the nation’s progress and making it a better place.

Some of the other schools in this area have been responsible for the development of athletes who went on to do remarkable things in the field of sports.

Because of this, please replace any occurrences of the term “cheap” with “free” throughout the rest of this article, as both words refer to the same thing.

List of Free Boarding Schools in South Africa 2024

Northwood School

The Northwood School is one of the most relatively affordable boarding schools in South Africa. It first opened its doors in the year 1990. The address of the educational institution is: 140 Adelaide Tambo Drive, Durban North 4051, South Africa.

There are almost 1,350 children enrolled in Northwood Educational’s boarding program, and these students are eligible to receive some free school services.

Students have access to free medical services, free transportation, free laundry services, and free guidance counseling, all of which are designed to assist students in psychologically preparing themselves for the obstacles they will face in life as they age and mature.

The Northwood School features a Fitness Factory, Sports Fields for Rugby, Soccer, and Cricket among other sports, the Northwood Sports Medicine Centre, Astro-Turf for Lawn Tennis and Other Games, and more. The MacFarquhar Hall is another another well-liked building on the campus that attracts a lot of visitors.

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Parktown Boys’ High School

Free Boarding Schools in South Africa

In 1923, Parktown Boys High School was founded. There is no cost associated with attending this boarding school in South Africa, which only accepts male pupils.

The address of the educational institution is 20 Wellington Road, Parktown, Johannesburg 2193, South Africa. This is a public high school, and it has the honor of being one of the nation’s oldest institutions of its kind.

Cadet Practice is one of the historical traditions that is still upheld at Parktown Boys High School. Its purpose is to maintain the boys’ physical and mental fitness and to keep them on the cutting edge of their respective fields.

The way the lads are acting gives one the sense that they are going to be drafted into some kind of army.

There are around 800 pupils enrolled in Parktown Boys High School, the majority of whom are boarders.

Pietermaritzburg Girls’ High School

Free Boarding Schools in South AfricaLocated in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, Pietermaritzburg Girls High School is yet another low-cost and moderately priced boarding school that caters solely to the educational requirements of South African girls.

The address of Pietermaritzburg Girls High School is 186 Alexandra Road, and it is in the city of Pietermaritzburg in the province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa.

Pietermaritzburg Girls High School was established in 1920, and now it is one of the largest educational facilities in South Africa. It has more than 1200 pupils, and its 100 skilled professors educate them in 30 different classrooms around the campus.

The school accepts students starting in the eighth grade and continuing through the twelve.

There is room for 220 girls in the boarding facility, and the school has a strong reputation for cultivating very kind competent female leaders who make positive contributions to their communities.

Rustenburg Educational College

Free Boarding Schools in South Africa
Free Boarding Schools in South Africa

The Rustenburg Educational College, often known as REC, was established in the year 1992. This is a private school and its address is 184 Machol St, Olifantsnek / Ntsedimane, Rustenburg, 0300, South Africa. Students in grades 7 through 12 can board at the school, which provides dormitories for that age range.

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A reputation as a school that instills discipline is something that Rustenburg Educational College has worked hard to earn. Rustenburg Educational College is a school that promotes the participation of its students in extracurricular activities, and one of those activities is playing sports. The college sponsors a football academy with the goal of producing future football professionals.

Wartburg Kirchdorf School

Free Boarding Schools in South AfricaIn the year 1881, the Wartburg Kirchdorf School was established. It is situated at 9 Fountain Hill Road, Wartburg, South Africa 3233. The institution offers Pre-primary, Primary, and Secondary education all under one roof. This boarding school is considered cheap overall and provides some of its services for free.

It currently has a passing rate of 98% and has produced many notable alumni; many citizens who have contributed to the growth and development of the country in their respective fields. Wartburg Kirchdorf School is a notable place of learning; it currently has a passing rate of 98% and has produced many notable alumni.

Boarding students make up a significant portion of this school’s total enrollment of 425 students, and they express satisfaction with the cozy dorms, which have beds and desks that are adequately separated from one another.

Should the students at Wartburg Kirchdof School decide to pursue a career in sports, the school’s athletic facilities and equipment will provide for a comprehensive and in-depth educational experience, which will result in the development of high-caliber athletes.

Maritzburg College

Free Boarding Schools in South Africa
Free Boarding Schools in South Africa

The address for Maritzburg College is 51 College Road, Pelham, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa. The Pietermaritzburg Girls’ High School is the sister of this institution, which is a boarding school for males.

The South African government is responsible for providing the majority of the money and administration for the institution, which allows it to operate in a semi-private capacity. This institution has been around since 1863, making it the oldest boys’ high school in the entire province of KwaZulu Natal.

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The dorms of Maritzburg College are welcoming environments that are also quite comfortable. There are around 480 students who board at the school, with a total enrollment of approximately 1340 pupils. In a recent ranking of South Africa’s top 100 secondary schools, Maritzburg College came in at number four.

There have been a great number of graduates from Maritzburg College who have gone on to achieve great success in their respective disciplines, including senators, generals, admirals, and university chancellors. This is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in all of South Africa.

Conclusion: List of Free Boarding Schools in South Africa

It might be challenging to locate free boarding schools in South Africa due to the fact that education, and especially boarding schools, are quite expensive to maintain.

However, the list of schools that is provided in this article can be used as a guide because the schools listed here are very affordable, and when you take into consideration the incentives that some of them provide, it is almost as if you are going to school for free because of the incentives that some of the schools provide.

A useful thing to keep an eye out for is the reputation that some of the institutions have earned; some of these schools have earned a reputation for providing an education of a high standard, and they have a history of producing prominent graduates.

List of Free Boarding Schools in South Africa 2024 –




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