15 Best Neighborhoods in Chicago for 2024

Best Neighborhoods in Chicago. Have you been considering a transfer to the Chicago metropolitan area but are unsure which neighborhood in the city will best fit your needs in terms of amenities or professional opportunities?

Whether you’re moving to Chicago to be closer to family or after retirement, finding a good neighborhood is essential. Your move could be motivated by either of these goals.

The city of Chicago is well-known for having many neighbourhoods that feature a diverse range of architectural styles. Even though the areas are identical, there are still a few things to think about while selecting a new place to live.

This guide covers all you need to know to choose the suburb that is the best fit for you, whether you are moving from another city to Chicagoland, such as moving from Tampa to Chicago, or are planning to move to the city of Chicago itself from another location in Illinois.

The neighborhoods of Chicago have all you need to have a wonderful time there, whether you are a supporter of the Chicago Bears, a lover of deep dish pizza, or simply an admirer of wonderful people.

Take assumptions out of the equation and use this article as a guide to help you navigate the complex landscape of the Chicago suburbs. We are aware of the fact that when you are looking for a place to settle down permanently, the sheer volume of information available to you may feel daunting.

The following is a list of the top 15 suburbs and areas in Chicago to live in during the year 2022.

15 Best Neighborhoods in Chicago for 2024

1. Old Town

15 Best Neighborhoods in Chicago for 2023

Old Town is a neighborhood that may be found in the center of the city, between Lincoln Park and River North. In case you weren’t aware, Old Town is home to one of the most well-known comedy clubs in the world called The Second City.

This club has been responsible for the careers of more than its fair share of successful comedians. This club has definitely established a standard for other establishments in the area by cultivating an environment that is casual while while retaining a joyful and active vibe.

Old Town is fantastic for adults of any age, but it is especially well-liked by younger crowds due to its proximity to the waterfront.

Bar hopping is a fun activity that can be done all along the main drag, N Wells Street, which features a multitude of hip boutiques and eateries. Brownstones, apartments, and condominiums are the various types of housing that may be found here.

In addition to The Second City, you should check out some of the other establishments in the neighborhood, such as Old Town Ale House or Zanies Comedy Night Club.

Pros of Old Town

  • Local, neighborhood feel
  • Walking distance from the lake
  • Great entertainment options
  • Accessible by Brown, Purple, and Red Lines

Cons of Old Town

  • Not as family-oriented for those with young children
  • Noise in some areas

2. Lincoln Park

15 Best Neighborhoods in Chicago for 2023

One of the largest and most well-known communities in all of Chicago is called Lincoln Park. It is located to the north of Old Town and is right on the lakefront; the atmosphere there is a mix between that of a large city and a more pleasant, community-oriented one.

Because of its close proximity to DePaul University, this neighborhood is not just desirable for young professionals and families, but it’s also rather popular among students.

The neighborhood is home to some of the most desirable living spaces in all of Chicago, and it welcomes guests as well.

Imagine having access to significant attractions such as the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Chicago History Museum, and even more of these kinds of places, in addition to the neighborhood’s shops and restaurants.

This community also features some of the best farmer’s markets in the area.


15 Best Neighborhoods in Chicago for 2023

A laid-back, community-oriented vibe combined with a plethora of neighboring activities ranging from athletics and outdoor leisure to arts and culture

Lakeview is a relaxed area that may be found immediately to the north of Lincoln Park and right near to the water’s edge. This community is frequently segmented into west, central, and east Lakeview, in addition to including additional communities in the mix.

Wrigleyville and Boystown are popular sections located on the central and east sides of the neighborhood, while Roscoe Village is located along the west boundary of the neighborhood and borders Wrigleyville.

Wrigley Field is home to the Chicago Cubs. Lakeview has a reputation for having a strong sense of community because to the abundance of neighborhood restaurants, vintage shopping options, and bars and pubs.

In addition, you’ll have easy access to a wide range of outdoor activities in Lakeview, which is located close to the water’s edge and the entrance to the northern part of Lincoln Park. If you’re not like sports, you should check out the famous Music Box Theatre in Lakeview.

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You can choose from among a wide variety of films, including cult classics, independent movies, and films from other countries. This is a wonderful neighborhood to have a look at if you have a family, are a young professional, or are a fan of baseball.

Pros of Lakeview

  • Local feel
  • Wrigley Field is here!
  • Safety
  • Accessible by Brown, Purple, and Red Lines

Cons of Lakeview

  • Farther from downtown

4. Andersonville

15 Best Neighborhoods in Chicago for 2023

The family-friendly neighborhood of Andersonville is located about 16 kilometers (10 miles) north of Chicago’s Loop.

This suburban-yet-urban city area is famous for its big LGBTQ+ community as well as its Swedish roots. It was originally settled by Swedes.

In addition, Andersonville has a lively atmosphere and distinctively local flavor. Because of this, it has been dubbed the “shop local capital of Chicago” because its main street is lined with a diverse collection of one-of-a-kind establishments owned by their respective proprietors. Imagine everything from local watering holes to boutiques selling handcrafted goods.

Apartment complexes, single-family homes, and condominiums can all be found coexisting in residential districts. Andersonville may be the place for you if you like an atmosphere that is both local and eclectic and if the distance from the city center doesn’t bother you.

Pros of Andersonville

  • Community-oriented feel
  • Cheaper than other neighborhoods
  • Accessible by the Red Line

Cons of Andersonville

  • Farther from downtown

5. Lincoln Square

15 Best Neighborhoods in Chicago for 2023

A culturally rich and historically appealing community in the heart of a small town

In Lincoln Square, one of Chicago’s districts with the greatest cultural diversity, one might get the feeling of being in a tiny town.

This neighborhood, which can be found on the north side of the city and just above Lakeview, exudes an old-world charm and is an excellent choice for families and couples alike.

Even Lincoln Avenue, the primary thoroughfare of the area, has certain sections that are paved with cobblestones.

This location is home to a large number of boutique stores as well as a broad selection of restaurants serving Chicago cuisine.

Despite the fact that it is a bustling area with a diversity of ethnic influences, the district’s roots lie in German culture. This is mirrored in Maifest, a summer event that takes place every year in Lincoln Square.

In general, the ambiance in Lincoln Square is one of peace and friendliness.

Pros of Lincoln Square

  • Accessible by the Brown Line
  • Quaint and friendly
  • Local feel

Cons of Lincoln Square

  • Farther from downtown

6. West Town

15 Best Neighborhoods in Chicago for 2023

West Town is located to the north of the West Loop and a few blocks to the south of the Wicker Park and Bucktown neighborhoods.

This area is a veritable melting pot since it is a place where a wide variety of influences are brought together to produce a vibrant and one-of-a-kind enclave.

In this neighborhood, the streets are lined with historic buildings, brownstones, and apartment complexes.

West Town is a wonderful neighborhood for families and individuals who like an eclectic mix of stores, restaurants, pubs, and live music venues. It is quite similar to Wicker Park and Bucktown in this regard.

This neighborhood is mostly defined by Chicago Avenue, however East Village and Ukrainian Village are also located in close proximity and are well worth exploring. Ride the bus number 50 that travels down North Damen Avenue between West Town and Wicker Park to get a better sense of the residential side of this neighborhood.

Pros of West Town

  • Nearby parks
  • Relaxed and friendly local feel
  • Accessible by the Blue Line

Cons of West Town

  • Traffic congestion around the center of West Town
  • Noise in some areas

7. West Loop

Are you in search of a place where you may indulge your inner foodie? The West Loop is the only place you need to look.

Because there are so many hospitals and medical institutions in the surrounding area, this neighborhood is ideal for people who work in the Loop as well as those in the medical field.

In recent years, this neighborhood has been flourishing, and now it offers a wide variety of shopping and dining opportunities.

“Restaurant Row,” which is located on W Randolph Street, and the Fulton Market District are particularly known for a range of unique and exotic cuisines. Many people even call the West Loop a “foodie mecca.” There are also surrounding neighborhoods such as Greektown and Little Italy.

Because of its close proximity to the United Center, this is one of the greatest places to live in if you’re a sports lover.

The West Loop is located in close proximity to a large number of theaters that host live events, including those of the Joffrey Ballet, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and Broadway productions.

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Pros of West Loop

  • Tons of dining and nightlife options
  • Foodie destination
  • Accessible by the Green & Pink Lines

Cons of West Loop

  • Rising neighborhood costs
  • Noisy

8. Wicker Park & Bucktown

A hip and fashionable neighborhood with excellent shopping, dining, and coffee shop options

Wicker Park and Bucktown are two neighborhoods in Chicago that have a reputation for having an artsy and unique atmosphere.

The location of the neighborhood is to the west of Old Town and to the north of West Town. The heart of Wicker Park, sometimes called “Six Corners,” is a bustling and exciting neighborhood that features an abundance of local stores, hip restaurants, live music venues, and some of the most acclaimed coffee shops in all of Chicago.

Because the neighborhood is made up of historic buildings and brownstones, you won’t find many many high towers there.

The neighborhood as a whole has a genuine sense of community and is an excellent choice for younger groups.

Access to the 606 Trail, an urban greenway that is 2.7 miles long and has access points on N Milwaukee Ave and N Damen Ave, is also possible from this area.

Pros of Wicker Park & Bucktown

  • Tons of local places to check out
  • Has a more local, neighborhood feel
  • Nearby parks
  • Access to the 606
  • Accessible by the Blue Line

Cons of Wicker Park & Bucktown

  • Bustling area, so may be noisy around the center

9. Logan Square

The hip and happening area of Logan Square has seen significant growth in resident numbers over the past few years.

It is situated along the Blue Line in the far northwestern region of Chicago, close to Wicker Park and Bucktown to its immediate north.

The laid-back vibe combined with the abundance of unique spots to investigate make it an ideal location for creative types to make their home. Consider the restaurants and pubs in the neighborhood in addition to the local businesses and places that are fantastic for thrifting.

In addition, the region is home to a farmers market that operates throughout the year and takes place on Sundays. Also, the neighborhood is home to a movie theater with a retro vibe known as the Logan Theatre, which screens new releases, independent films, and cult classics.

This Chicago neighborhood’s residential side is comprised of a diverse range of housing options, including single-family homes, condos, apartment complexes, and older limestone homes.

Pros of Logan Square

  • Tons of cool, local shops
  • A variety of living options
  • Local, neighborhood feel
  • Accessible by the Blue Line

Cons of Logan Square

  • Distance from downtown


10.South Loop

Enjoy all the advantages of living downtown, including easy access to a variety of museums, attractions, and more.

South Loop, which can be found on the south side of the city right below the Loop, lives up to the name of its location.

Residents here include singles, couples, and families, many of whom are working professionals. The residential area features a variety of dwelling options, including condos, high-rise flats, and renovated older structures.

The neighborhood is perfect for anyone looking for a more laid-back atmosphere within close proximity to the excitement of the city center.

A never-ending variety of activities and attractions are available to both inhabitants and tourists of South Loop. This is the location of the Museum Campus, which is comprised of the Adler Planetarium, the Shedd Aquarium, and the Field Museum, all of which are situated against the picturesque backdrop of Lake Michigan.

In addition, South Loop is home to a large number of clubs that feature jazz, blues, and other types of music, including Buddy Guy’s Legends. This area is home to a number of historic districts, including Motor Row, Printers Row, and the so-called “Millionaire’s Row” on Prairie Avenue.

Pros of South Loop

  • Proximity to downtown
  • Tons of attractions and museums
  • Downtown living
  • Accessible by Red, Orange, Green, and Blue Lines

Cons of South Loop

Less of a local, neighborhood vibe
More limited nightlife scene

11. University Village & Little Italy

Two towns come together to form a neighborhood that is welcoming and full of young people.

University Village and Little Italy are two minor communities in Chicago’s Near West Side that may be found just south of the West Loop.

Both of these areas are on the city’s Near West Side. Little Italy is known for its Italian influence and its strong sense of community, while University Village is known for its youthful energy thanks to the students that attend the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The neighborhood as a whole has a positive and lively vibe all the time. This Chicago neighborhood’s primary commercial thoroughfare, W Taylor Street, is lined with eateries and retail establishments that are owned and operated by families.

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Condominiums, apartments, and historic structures make up the residential portion of the neighborhood. The region is wonderful for students and young workers as it is easily navigable and contains a large number of green spaces.

Pros of University Village

  • Close to other neighborhoods
  • Dog-friendly
  • Accessible by the Blue Line

Cons of University Village

  • More limited train access

12. Pilsen

A vibrant area that is brimming with artistic expression, cultural activities, and community

Pilsen was recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the “12 Coolest Neighborhoods Across the World” in 2018, and for good cause.

This bustling city is made up of a rich arts and culture scene and is home to a significant Latino community that includes many families.

This community is also home to a number of artists and musicians. The area can be found on the Lower West Side and is comprised of historic buildings, condos, and single-family residences.

The walls of buildings in this region are decorated with vibrant paintings in many different colors. In addition, there is a diverse selection of art galleries and music venues in the area.

One of the most well-known is Thalia Hall, a historic theater that is well-known for bringing in a wide lineup of comedians and indie acts.

This theater is one of the most well-known in the world. Also located in this city is the National Museum of Mexican Art.

Last but not least, Pilsen features an outstanding variety of traditional Mexican food options. If you do decide to come, you should make plans to remain for either lunch or dinner if you do. You’ll be grateful to me in the future!


  • Great local shopping and dining
  • Rich arts and culture
  • Colorful street art
  • Accessible by the Pink Line


Farther from downtown

13. Chinatown

A vibrant area with outstanding dining options, as well as a strong connection to its history and its residents.

Chinatown may be found to the east of Pilsen and runs parallel to the south branch of the Chicago River.

This neighborhood has a history dating back more than a century and is still considered to be the cultural and community epicenter of Chicago’s Chinese population.

The majority of residents in Chinatown are families and seniors, and the majority of the housing consists of condominiums and apartments.

The intersection of W. Cermak Road and S. Wentworth Avenue marks the beginning of the central business district of this area.

Residents and guests alike are greeted with a warm welcome whenever they pass through this imposing and beautiful gate.

In this primary thoroughfare, the streets are lined with brightly colored gift shops, Chinese grocery stores, restaurants, and bakeries.

Hence, if you are thinking of visiting Chinatown, you should do it on an empty stomach so that you can sample all of the delectable cuisine.

Ping Tom Memorial Park, Pui Tak Center, and The ART Gallery are a few of the additional attractions that can be found in the area.


  • Great dining options
  • Rich history and culture
  • Community-oriented
  • Accessible by Red Line


  • Distance from downtown

14. Hyde Park

On the South Side of Chicago, near the lakefront, lies a neighborhood called Hyde Park. It is known for its extensive history as well as its cultural significance.

The University of Chicago, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Robie House, and a great number of other notable institutions and attractions in Chicago may all be found inside this area.

The community is characterized by its vitality as well as its diversity due to the fact that it is home to a mixture of students, young professionals, and families.

In addition, Hyde Park is located between Washington Park on the west and Jackson Park on the east, thus both residents and visitors have access to a large amount of green space in the neighborhood.

Despite the presence of so many important cultural organizations and parks, Hyde Park is home to a large number of independently owned businesses and eateries.

Pros of Hyde Park

  • Dog-friendly
  • Good schools
  • Tons to do
  • Accessible by the Green Line

Cons of Hyde Park

  • Farther from downtown
  • Less centralized

15. Buffalo Grove

This large town is well-known for its fantastic and diversified culture, as well as its family-friendliness and location between Cook County and Lake County.

This neighborhood is known for its low crime rate and the abundance of beautiful parks and opportunities for residents to participate in a variety of outdoor pursuits.

In addition to excellent opportunities for leisure and furthering one’s education, the community of Buffalo Grove provides a wealth of educational and recreational opportunities.

In addition to the town’s various restaurants, stores, and activities, all of which are extremely enticing, Buffalo Grove also provides a great deal of other opportunities.

One example of an emerging trend in the entertainment industry is the “No Escape Room,” which tasks participants with locating their sense of independence.

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