19 Coolest Cabin Rentals in Missouri 2024

The 19 Coolest Cabin Rentals in Missouri: With its beautiful parks, lakes, rivers, and mountains as well as its abundance of outdoor activities, Missouri deserves more publicity.

When you’re not seeking your zen in the middle of nowhere, you may also explore some of the neighborhood eateries, vineyards, breweries, and unique boutiques.

With all of this come picturesque cabins dispersed around the state. And suffice it to say that there are a lot of mind-blowing ones. But we’ve picked up what we think are Missouri’s coolest cabins.

19 Coolest Cabin Rentals in Missouri

1. Cabin No. 2 at The Old Swiss Village – Osage Beach


This lakeside stone cabin with cosy wood decor is the perfect place for an unforgettable honeymoon.

The open concept studio is understated but elegant. There is a delectable restaurant and a wine bar tucked away in a charming Swiss hamlet. There is simply no need to ever leave with the activities the ocean offers.

2. Home in a 40 Acre Forest – Pine A Township


The name “the sanctuary” is arguably the best way to characterise this cabin-like building, which is also made of local stone.

A solarium enables visitors to fully take in the surrounding trees and wildlife. It has a full glass wall and a portion of a glass ceiling.

A hot tub and pool table are located on the sizable deck that leans up against the house’s ivy-covered walls.

3. Prairie Hollow Hideaway – Eminence


The cabin has all the cherished rustic elements of a traditional cabin, but it is also polished with a great kitchen and well-kept garden.

The most beautiful creek is located right beyond the yard, and the large porch with a hanging swing is the perfect place to view it. Kids will adore using a ladder to climb to the second floor!

4. Country Haven Lodge with Pool – Russell


You have access to an own above-ground pool that is encircled by the ideal sunbathing terrace. Although the lake is only a short drive away, this little paradise’s privacy is unmatched.

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Visitors will experience peace and tranquilly thanks to the ideal home touches. Exactly that is our goal when we depart for the cabin.

5. The Waterfront Cottage – Bonne Terre


Rejoice, and spend a week fishing lines and sipping wine right on the edge of the pond. Less adventurous people will enjoy the surroundings and the cabin’s cosy atmosphere.

On the patio, a clawfoot tub is available for soothing sunset soaks.

6. The Stone Cabin – Houston


The stone cabin, which is only ten minutes from Houston, Missouri’s stores and breweries, looks to be on another planet and a long time ago.

The interior is quite cosy and rustic, and even the bathroom is adorable. The property has a chic stock tank pool and fantastic grilling areas.

There are local trout fishing areas, but visitors are also welcome to cast a line into the on-site pond, which is stocked with fish.

7. Secluded Lake Front Cabin – Branson


When staying at this genuine cabin, visitors will only need to take a short stroll to go to Table Rock Lake. To get to the dock, you must briefly wind through the trees.

Additionally available to guests is the dedicated boat slip. Go kayaking, fishing, swimming, or any other lake-friendly activity.

8. Hawks Ridge Cabin – Saint James


Although Hawks Ridge Cabin may have all the features and craftsmanship of a vintage cabin in the woods, it was only recently built.

The cabin-style appeal was expertly captured by builders using a variety of wood types and rustic details. The setting is similarly amazing.

Water sports including fishing, kayaking, and other water activities are available during the day, and nearby vineyards and restaurants offer relaxation in the evening.

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9. Luxurious Cabin with Niangua River Access In Windyville


Maybe you don’t like lakes. That’s entirely acceptable because cabins can occasionally be found next to moving rivers.

The cabin, which is close to the water, satisfies all the prerequisite requirements and demands for an excellent vacation in the woods. There are plenty of beds for larger families!

10. 3-Bedroom Lodge – Marceline


The cabin is surrounded by environment and wildlife and is located close to a pond that is a few acres in size. The earthy feeling is provided by classic construction.

Up to eight people can stay here thanks to the bunk room and the interior’s ample space. Walt Disney’s childhood home is close by in this specific region of Missouri.

11. The Cabin at Rock Canyon – Branson

When retreating to the cabin life for a week in Branson, tourists can experience both luxury and nature.

The cabin’s outstanding features include stacked stone, deep wood tones, a massive fireplace, breathtaking greenery, and a little bridge.

12. Waterfront Home with Private Dock, Fishing Pond – Nevada

The wraparound porch’s flat ground level may be great if you’re travelling with someone who has accessibility issues. It wouldn’t be difficult to enter the cabin. It feels like a cottage inside.

A stunning covered deck on the lake is located a distance from the house. Bass and catfish are stocked in the lake.

13. Private Couple’s Retreat, Modern and Luxurious – Aldrich

In Aldrich, Missouri, modernization redefines the cabin experience. The inside is finished off with mosaic tiles, a rainfall shower, and other modern design elements.

However, it’s likely that visitors will spend the majority of their time in the courtyard. The luxurious paradise features a hot tub, eye-catching overhang, fire pit, and waterfall.

The stars are also beautiful out here.

14. Riverfront Dam House – Noel

Wow, what incredible potential an old dam home had to develop into a refuge that is simply magnificent. It’s the coolest place to stay in Noel because of its excellent Elk Riverfront location.

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The inside has evolved throughout time while maintaining a lodge-like aesthetic (similar to those in affluent ski communities like Jackson Hole).

15. Jaded Glamping – Rolla

This cosy Rolla cabin rental has enough for up to 5 people. You’ll discover modern features like fresh furnishings and linen, a full kitchen, a washer, and a dryer in this two-bedroom layout.

The cabin, which is situated on 40 acres, includes a sizable rear terrace that connects to the fire pit and paths.

16. Remote Cabin on 30 Acres with Dock and Private Lake – Macks Creek

After renovation, the log building has been brought back to life and has a spacious, resort-like air. The rental features kayaks, a swimming dock, and a boat slip right on the sea.

There is also a hot tub, a fire pit, and a huge porch.

17. Lakefront Chalet with Hot Tub, Dock & Fire Pit – Innsbrook

You’re not really looking to mingle with a crowd, are you? Then this chalet on a little more than 2 acres might be the ideal fit.

There is a fire pit, sand beach area, and private deck for you and the people that came with you to use. You can look out the wall of windows from the loft area inside. Gorgeous.

18. Sunrise Cabin, Breathtaking Sunrises and Relaxing Sunsets – Steelville

A hot tub and water views enhance the appeal of a charming country cabin. Everything you need for a fantastic week at the cabin is there: it’s fresh, warm, and just a little rustic.

19. Cabin @ The Old Swiss Village – Osage Township

This 1930s cottage has been greatly improved, giving it a Swiss feel. The interior is a pleasant change of pace from the typical cabin because it is clear, bright, and downright cheerful.

Depending on when they visit, visitors may enjoy fireworks displays while nearby the lake.

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